Chocolate Marshmallows !!!

Allergy free chocolate marshmallow

soooooo…… moreish

These are so tasty and so simple only 4 ingredients. Great for birthday parties, everyone will love then and they won’t even know they are allergy free unless you tell them!! I found dark chocolate too heavy for this recipe.


250G dairy and gluten free milk chocolate
2tsp golden syrup
6 gluten and lactose free marshmallows
6 of your favourite biscuits (e.g. ginger or chocolate chip work well)


Break up 175g of the chocolate and melt it over a pan of boiling water, when melted add 1tsp golden syrup this adds a little shine to the chocolate. Grease or line 6 espresso cups with clingflim (you can also get silicone moulds) if you are greasing them pour some oil onto a piece of kitchen paper and rub the cups with it.
Take the slightly cooled chocolate and line the cup with it and pop in the marshmallow in and leave them to set you can pop then in the fridge.
Cut your biscuits with a good sharp cookie cutter to fit on top of the marshmallow. Place the marshmallows into the cups and them melt the remaining chocolate and add 1tsp golden syrup. Spoon the chocolate over the biscuit till it is covered. leave them to set, when set run a knife around the edge and pop them out.
Enjoy xx


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