Apple and Mango with a coconut crumble


Apple and Mango with Coconut crumble

Apple and Mango with coconut crumble

This is based on Catherine Fulvio’s dessert apple and mango crumble but I changed it to suit our needs. The coconut in the crumble goes really well with the mango. You can just leave the coconut out if you don’t like it, I have made it without and it is really nice too!!



3 crunchy eating apples  peeled, cored and chopped and a squeeze of lemon

2tsp light brown sugar

1tbsp water

1 mango stoned, peeled and chopped

150g gluten free oats

50g gluten free flour

30g dessicated coconut

50g dairy free margarine

2tbsp light brown sugar




1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees fan. Place the apples, water and 2tsp sugar into a saucepan on a medium heat for 5 minutes (no longer you want the apples to hold their shape)

2. Meanwhile put the oats, flour and coconut into a bowl, rub in the margarine with your finger tips, add the sugar and mix well.

3. Mix the mango and apple together and place them in a heatproof dish.

4. Spread the crumble over the fruit and pop it in the oven for 25 minutes.

Serve with dairy free and egg free cream, custard or ice-cream. Yum! Yum!


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