Allergy free cookie decorations!!!

Allergy free christmas decorations

Allergy free Christmas decorations

I love to have decorations my children make handing on the Christmas tree beside the old and the new it makes the tree more interesting and unique. These decorations have a lovely smell of ginger which always reminds me of Christmas. Cathal is very touch sensitive to his allergens, that is why I made this cookie dough. You could have these edible if you like just make them Christmas week and wrap them in plastic before hanging them on the tree.

I quantity of gingerbread @
2tbsp salt mix into the dry ingredients when making the dough.( If your making edible ones don’t add salt and cook them as shown in the gingerbread recipe)

You will also need
Some little artists

Follow the method in the gingerbread house recipe for mixing the dough. When you have the cookies cut out make a hole with a toothpick for the ribbon to go through, then place them in the oven @ 130 degrees for 1 hour to make sure they are hard ( If making edible one follow the gingerbread house recipe). check them a few times.
When you take them out let them cool for 1 minute then make sure the hole you put in them has not closed up.
Then let the little artists do their work. If you are doing the edible ones you could use icing, sweets chocolates all allergy free.
Hope you have as much fun making these as we did!!!!
Marie xx


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