Double Chocolate Pancake!!!

allergy free chocolate pancakes

Double Chocolate Pancakes

My kids love pancakes, on Pancake Tuesday we always make them a little bit more special. This Pancake Tuesday we are making these yummy Double Chocolate Pancakes. They are so simple just mix all the ingredients together the night before and pop it in thee fridge.


2 pears peeled and pureed
400ml coconut milk (TETRA PACK)
2tbsp oil
100g Gluten free oats (blitzed into flour)
150g gluten and wheat flour blend
20g milled flaxseed
2tsp cocoa powder
2tbsp caster sugar
50g dairy free chocolate chips


Put all the ingredients in a large jug and mix well. You can put them in the fridge overnight it makes it handy for the breakfast. (but they don’t have to be put in the fridge).
Heat the pan with a little butter, pour on some of the batter and cook 3 minutes each side.
Serve warm and enjoy xx


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