My Store Cupboard……

Dry Ingredients

Gluten and wheat free plain flour( Doves Farm)
Gluten and wheat free self raising flour ( Doves Farm)
Gluten and wheat free white bread flour blend ( Doves Farm) Great for pizza.
Gluten and wheat free brown bread flour blend (Doves Farm)
Tapioca flour
Potato flour
Potato starch
Medium maize
Gluten and wheat free baking powder
Xanthan gum ( adds the elasticity that you loose from having no gluten)
Egg replacer (Organ no egg)
Milled flaxseed (great for omega 3) I use it instead of eggs in baking or to salad dressings.
Organic dessicated coconut
Organic flaked coconut
Cocoa powder dairy free
Corn spaghetti ( you could use rice spaghetti)
Corn pasta
Vermicelli rice noodles

Cartons or tinned

Tins of coconut milk
Coconut milk in tetra pack
Soya milk
Rice milk
Soya cream
Oatly its an oat cream
Extra virgin coconut oil (Cocowel)
Coconut butter
Dairy free chocolate chips
Egg free mayo (Plamil or Kelkin)
Tins of tomatoes
Tins of fruit( great for the winter)

In the fridge

Dairy free margarine (soya and sunflower)
Dairy free milks after opening
Green and red curry paste home-made
Rashers (always add a great flavour to a dish)
Dairy free natural yogurts

In the freezer

Frozen berrys
I blanch and freeze my own home grown vegetables e.g. broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and cabbage(great for winter)
Sausages home- made
Burgers Beef, Chicken and pork(Gluten free, wheat free and egg free)
Beef stock
Chicken stock
Meats all types
Bread gluten and wheat free
Scones gluten and wheat free
Allergy free cakes and buns

I always like to keep a well stocked store cupboard it makes it easier when cooking allergy free food.

  1. Just curious where I can find the vermicelli rice noodles??

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