Substitutes for dairy

These are some of the best substitutes for dairy that I have found!!

Soya milk (sweetened and unsweetened)
Almond milk ( if you have a peanut allergy you may have to avoid this one)
Canned Coconut milk (if you use half water and half coconut milk stir well it tastes the same in your tea as dairy milk)
Coconut milk (you can buy it mixed already in a tetra pack)

Substitutes for dairy butter/margarine
These can be bought in most supermarkets:
Soya spread (I use a brand called “Pure”)
Sunflower spread (I use a brand called “Pure”)
Coconut oil (I use this in baking and cooking it has a lovely flavour)

Substitutes for dairy cheese and creams

The following can be bought in a good health food shop:
Vegan cream cheese
Vegan mozzarella
Sour cream
Cream (oat cream I use it is great in cooking or as a pouring cream)
Ice-cream (soya ice-cream or Coconut ice-cream) I think the ice-cream you make yourself is the best. An ice-cream maker is a great kitchen gadget to have for making ice-creams and sorbet.
Mayonnaise (I use a brand called “Kelkin” it is also egg free).


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