Keeping your child safe in school!!

Firstly and most importantly make sure you have a fully equipped Medical box/bag in the school with the childs name, class and also a photo of the child.

What Cathal's medical box contains

What Cathal’s medical box contains

This is what I have in Cathal’s Medical box.
1. 2 epipen Jr ( MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN DATE OR THE MAY NOT WORK)(also we are advised to have 2 one may misfire)
2. Inhalers (blue and brown)
3. Zirtet
4. A brief Action Plan to help the person who is helping your child what to do. For more information please read this link @

All members of staff in the school know all about Cathal’s condition and are trained in what to do if anything should ever happen.

I bought a Training Epipen and DVD from this site for only 13.99 euro @


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