Keeping your child safe on holiday!!

It is hard enough bringing children on holiday not to talk about an allergic child. Cathal also has some non food allergies which can make things a little harder. At first we were overwhelmed with all his allergies food and non food. Then we taught “no stop thinking about what he is allergic and start thinking of how we could manage them”.
The first time we brought Cathal on holiday we were very stressed before we went, but we were so organised with the preparations that is was a great holiday. So the key to a great holiday with an allergic child is to be very organised in the preparation for the holiday!!!!


1/ In the weeks leading up to the holiday, I would cook an extra dinner and pop it in the freezer, dinners such as beef stew with potatoes, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti Bolognese and creamy ham and chicken pasta bake as these can all be heated up in a saucepan, most of the self catering we have been to did not have a microwave.

2/ I went to my GP and got a letter to state Cathal has allergies, and I would have to bring food for him. This letter would state what allergies he has, and what medication I would have on board with him also. When I check my bags in, I show the person who checks them in the letter, and they will make sure it is a nut free flight. (Make sure you say about the peanut allergy, because sometimes they just glance at the letters )

3/ I bring his dinners frozen in a freezer bag with frozen bread, cakes or buns, this always stays frozen no problem. I also put in yogurt into a hard plastic lunch box to stop them spilling or bursting, I put these in the bag with the frozen food. I also bring some of Cathal’s favourite biscuits, and put them all in the checked in bag. I just let the person who is checking in the bag know the food is in there!

4/ Cathal is also allergic to detergents, so I would always bring our own washing liquid for his clothes ( he can’t ware anything new, so if he got a new t-shirt I would have to wash it first). I would also bring 2 sheets and a pillow case, he would be very sick if he lay in sheet that were not washed in his liquid. “I know it seems like hard work but it is so worth it, the holiday it so enjoyable when this is all sorted.”

These steps have really help us! Cathal has never had an issue with his allergies on holidays.

I hope this section is of some help xx

I would love to hear what you think or your experience!!!
Marie xx


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